Wednesday June 12th and Thursday June 13th - Due to the Oakland Town Carnival these nights will be played at the Ramapo High School tennis courts. 

Parking Directions for Wednesday June 12th
Parking is in the lower student parking lot or the football parking lot. Ewing Avenue to a left onto Franklin Lakes Road/Sicomac Road (coming from the HS) and then look for the back entrance of the school to the lower fields and the football field. The sign is relatively small, thus travel slowly. Pull into the lot and park. Walk behind the home stands and up to the courts on the left.  

Parking Directions for Thursday June 13th
Parking is at the upper student lot. Ewing Avenue to George Street. Approaching the circle take the first right hand turn into the parking lot and park as far as possible along the right side of the school. Walk around the right side of the building and the courts will be immediately to your right. 

Important Dates

Season starts on Tuesday May 14th and ends on Thursday August 15th. (13 weeks of play, no tennis the week of July 4th)


All Team Tennis players are required to purchase a tennis badge. 

For the 2019 season, players must purchase a badge directly from Borough Hall. Instructions and a mail-in registration form are available at the following link: Oakland Tennis Badges

Badge policy WILL BE ENFORCED by the Borough and by Oakland Team Tennis, so please make sure you have your badge BEFORE the start of the Team Tennis season in May.

Food Themes

        Week 1 - International Cuisine
        Week 2 - Fruits and Veggies
        Week 3 - Chili
        Week 4 - Picnic Food
        Week 5 - Chicken and Egg
        Week 6 - Asian Cuisine
        Week 7 - Signature Dish
        Week 8 - Southern BBQ
        Week 9 - Spicy and cool food
        Week 10 - Pizza
        Week 11 - Food on a stick
        Week 12 - Stuffed food
        Week 13 - Casseroles


Also, please be sure to visit the Oakland Team Tennis facebook page!

Facebook - Oakland Team Tennis

Mission Statement 

Oakland team tennis is an organization that promotes affordable, competitive fun for experienced men and women tennis players, who are 18 and older, of varied abilities on a non-discriminatory basis. We provide a lively, recreational, sociable and friendly environment for outdoor doubles tennis for residents from all areas.


    For inquiries, please send an email to: