1. Playing Times:

    1. Match Times are the same on all nights:

                            1st Match 7:00 PM               2nd Match 7:45 PM              3rd Match 8:30 PM 4th Match 9:15 PM

    1. Players must arrive at the courts at least 15 minutes prior to their match.

    2. Warm ups are permitted for five minutes after match start time. Coordinators will call time at five minutes and games must begin immediately.

    3. Flexibility to play in all time slots is expected.

  1. No/Late Shows:

    1. Players who do not arrive on time to start a match will be substituted as per substitution rules, by coordinators if necessary.

    2. If the player arrives, he/she will replace the substitute after the game in progress is over, unless one of the teams has won 6 games or more.  If the player replaces the sub on or after the 4th game, substitution penalties will apply in accordance with the Substitution Rules.

    3. Coordinators will assist in the case of no shows to avoid a forfeit to ensure that a match is played.

    4. If a team does not have two ready players on the court 10 minutes after the scheduled start time for the match, and no sub is available to start, the match is forfeited and the team with the 2 players available is awarded the only match points.

  2. Scheduling Matches: Captains should contact each other as early as possible to set up the schedule for matches. When possible, matches should be set up at the courts a week ahead and match times provided to players with maximum notice.

  3. Re-Evaluations: After two weeks of play, the captains will furnish the Team Tennis Committee any recommendations for changing rankings on their team. Only the Committee can approve changes.

  4. Season: The season consists of 13 weeks that will be defined by the Team Tennis Committee prior to the start of each season.

  5. Weather Policies:

    1. Rained out matches will be played on the next available Monday.

    2. Coordinators will contact captains as soon as play is cancelled for weather.

    3. Captains are responsible for contacting team members immediately and for confirming the make up date with players (via text message).

    4. A cancellation will be called by coordinators as soon as it is inevitable.

    5. On a rainy day that clears in time for play, captains, players and coordinators are responsible for drying courts until they are safe for play. Leaf blowers, old towels, rollers, brooms and squeegees may be used.

    6. Matches already underway when weather or court lighting causes cancellation must be made up from where they left off.

    7. Only completed games will be counted. Games underway must be replayed from the beginning. Note the game score, positions of players and the server.

    8. Make ups begin at 7 pm on Mondays regardless of which match was interrupted unless both captains agree to a later start time.

    9. Substitution rules apply for make ups.

  6. Delayed Matches: Matches may be delayed by rain for a short period of time. Coordinators will determine if matches are to be stopped due to the weather, and whether they will be restarted or cancelled. Delayed games may be played from the point at which they were called. Refer to the Weather Policies (above) for cancelled matches.

  7. Game Play/Scoring:

    1. The first team to win 8 games wins the set. Tiebreakers occur at a score of 7-7

    2. The first team to win 4 points wins the game. There are no deuces.

    3. When the game score is 3-3 in mixed doubles, man serves to man, woman serves to woman.  Otherwise, equal rank serves to equal rank (1M to 1M, 2W to 2W. etc.).

    4. In the case where like players are partners (eg. 1M/1M), the receiving team selects who receives the serve at 3-3.

    5. No “first ball in” when serving

    6. 3 practice serves maximum during the first service game for each player only

    7. It is the responsibility of the receiving team to call their own lines.

    8. Foot faults may be called by the receiving team, but must be called before the serve is returned.

    9. If the receiving team does not clearly see a ball IN or OUT, it is considered IN.

    10. No “do overs” (must make a call)

    11. When a ball from a neighboring court rolls onto a court during an active rally, if any player on either team calls a “let” the point is to be replayed.   In addition, if this occurs during service, then the serving team should be granted a first serve.

  8. Tiebreak rules:

    1. When the game score is 7-7, a 9-point tiebreak will be played.

    2. The next server in rotation serves for the first 2 points from the same end of the court from which he had been serving.

    3. After 2 points, the opponent who had just completed his serve at the end of the previous game serves again from his/her regular end of the court.

    4. After 4 points are played, the players switch ends.

    5. The next server in the rotation serves the next 2 points and the fourth server serves the remaining 3 points, if necessary.

    6. The first team to win 5 points wins the set.

    7. Set score is recorded as 8-7.

  9. Etiquette:  All players are expected to follow tennis etiquette rules including:

    1. Server must announce score before each serve

    2. No “trespassing” on, behind or between courts while a point is underway

    3. If a ball rolls onto your court from a neighboring court, return the ball AFTER the point is concluded for the neighboring court

    4. The server should always have 2 balls in his/her possession prior to serving

    5. In the case of a service fault, do not hit the ball back to the server

    6. No screaming or use of expletives on the court or in the stands

    7. No children are allowed on the courts during match play

    8. No pets are allowed on the courts at any time

    9. Court 6 can only be used for match play if no badge holders are waiting to play

    10. No inquires regarding scores or other questions to occur across courts involved in active match play

    11. Proper attire must be worn – sneakers, shorts, skirts, tops, etc.  No open-toed footwear.

  10. Score Sheets:

    1. Captains or a player chosen by the captain will fill in score sheets completely and legibly.

    2. Opposing captains compare sheets at the end of the night to ensure that both have recorded the same results.

    3. Correct sheets are turned in to coordinators at the end of the night.

    4. Subs that affect scoring are identified on the sheet with a large letter S.

  1. Captain Absences

    1. Captains must assign a team member to be present and responsible if they are absent from the courts and also notify the Coordinators.

    2. Captains must provide their chosen player with the means to contact the team, tennis balls if needed and an understanding of the score sheet as well as the match schedule. Coordinators can assist.

  2. Coordinators: The coordinators are available to all captains for assistance in resolving issues and problems. Contact them as soon as an issue arises so that it can be quickly addressed. Their contact information is included in your folder.  Coordinators will:

    1. Ensure that all matches begin on time. Warm-ups are limited to 5 minutes.

    2. Check on the courts after or during rain and decide to delay or postpone the matches.

    3. Notify Captains in the event of a cancellation.

    4. Stop all matches in case of lightning.

    5. Assist Captains and others with drying wet courts.

    6. Report damaged court conditions to the Tennis Commissioner.

    7. Keep the courts clear of debris, etc.

    8. Inform all Captains of rule changes.

    9. Settle arguments and rules disputes by players.

    10. Review score sheets and make sure that outside subs are clearly marked.

    11. Turn in all scoring sheets at the end of all matches to designated coordinator.

  3. Fees, Badges and Balls:

    1. Fees are collected with the application at the initial sign up. 

    2. Team Tennis fees pay for insurance, court fees, balls, prizes, admin supplies, court supplies and the end of year party.

    3. Badges must be purchased by all players from the Borough, and badge numbers provided to Team Captain.

    4. 13 cans of tennis balls are provided by Oakland Team Tennis to each Captain. Captains are to bring a new can of balls provided by Oakland Team Tennis to every match. Two cans of balls are used for four matches – one can for the first 2 matches, the second can for the last 2 matches.

  4. Substitution Rules:

    1. Sub within your own team first.

    2. Men may not sub for women.

    3. Sub penalty scoring: An outside sub earns your team 1 point in the case of a win. The opposing team also earns 1 point. The opposing team earns 2 points should they win.

    4. A player must be same rank or lower to substitute. Ex., a 1M cannot sub for a 2M, but a 2M can “sub up” as a 1M within the team, without penalty. Subbing up outside the team incurs sub penalty scoring.

    5. Women of like or lower rank may sub for men within the team. Ex., a 2W can sub for a 2M without penalty. A woman subbing up for a man outside the team incurs sub penalty scoring.

    6. If both teams use outside subs, the winning team gets 1 point and the losing team records 0 points.  Captains must make Coordinators aware of this BEFORE the match.

    7. The same outside sub may be used only once per season by any team, unless approved by the Committee.

    8. In the case of a team fielding two outside subs, the opposing team gets 2 points for a win and 1 point for a loss. The two-sub team earns 0 points, whatever the outcome.

    9. It is not permitted to sub into a match that may conflict with your team match.

    10. Players may not agree to sub in a match that is back-to-back with a match they are already scheduled to play. Ex., your match is at 8:30. You cannot sub for another team at 7:45 because it could jeopardize the start of your scheduled match.

    11. Players may agree to sub in a match that follows their scheduled match, but that team’s captain must be made aware that they may face a delay of their match and should be prepared with a back-up to “start” the match to avoid delay penalties. (See No Shows above)

    12. Injury substitution – outside sub in case of injury is allowed.  If sub plays for a team that has already won 4 or more games, then there will be no penalty.  Otherwise, substitution penalties apply.

    13. Substitution rule exceptions are subject to coordinator approval

  5. Thursday Night exceptions - Substitutions

    1. Thursday has two rankings of players “2” and “3”, with two 2M and 2W while only one 3M and three 3W.

    2. Three (3M) ranked man can sub for a three (3W) ranked woman with no penalty.

  1. Forfeits:

  1. If your team or your opposing team is unable to put a match on the court, PLEASE SEE THE COORDINATORS, who will ensure that a match is played.

  2. Forfeitures should not occur under any circumstances. In fairness to other teams, awarding 2 points to a team that does not play should be avoided.

  3. In case a forfeit is unavoidable, the team that fielded its own players will receive 2 points for the match, and 0 games will be recorded.

  1. Eligibility of Players - The youngest players must be 18 years of age by the start of the season, the oldest.....well, who knows!

  2. Final Standings:   Final standings are determined based on the following hierarchy –

    1. Total Points

    2. Matches Won

    3. Games Won

    4. Games Lost

    If all are equal, then a tie is declared.